Marsha Gibbons , Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, ACE

My story is one filled with triumph and tragedy and persistence.  I understand first hand what it is like to overcome injury and illness and that it is all about support and most of all spirit. I have experienced multiple surgeries, months of physical therapy and  recoveries that took strength I didn't know I had. 

My Story

This is my story and hang on for a bumpy ride. I will not get into every detail of every event because that would entail writing a book. Even though a book has been suggested ... not now, maybe later. 

 So it begins  a few months after my 16th birthday. I was heading to work to my first job; so excited when I was involved in a head on collision with a drunk driver.   He crossed over the line in a curve and struck my car so hard it broke the frame.  This combined with my seat belt save my life that day, but I was severely injured, requiring multiple surgeries to repair my left hip which was fractured, right knee that was partially severed and ankle that was broken and some other injuries that are minor in comparison to those.

  This has resulted in permanent hardware as I call it in the form of bone screws etc.  Months of physical therapy an excellent support team and a long recovery later and I did exceed my orthopedist expectations. I don't have an" I can't "in me. This has of course left me with permanent pain and considerations when it comes to physical activity but I pretty much do anything I like, just my way. I will never be a marathon speed McQueen but I get by just fine! and I have ran several half marathons ( or walked fast and ran a little) but I completed them within the time limit and not last so goal met! This was something I thought I would never be able to accomplish but just kept trying.

  Next I gained a lot of weight in my early Thirties and became much heavier than my frame and injuries could be comfortable with , I also skated the line on developing type 2 diabetes. That was my wake up on the fact I was indeed to heavy and need to do something in order to get my health back on track. I spent the next two years losing the weight and another year learning how to keep it maintained. This was one of the hardest things to master was eating for health and staying in the rhythm of a healthy life style. It's a forever change , not a until the weight is off change and that is what is the hard part. 

  This was going to play a big part in my near future health as I was diagnosed with Breast cancer at age 37. So multiple surgeries which included a bi-lateral mastectomy and reconstruction and more physical therapy and again a great support team I have been a survivor and cancer free for 8 years now as of this October! Which is also Breast cancer awareness month, the universe does have a sense of humor! And so what all of this has taught me most is that  attitude is everything. Never give up, never give in and just keep going one day at a time. So this is just enough of my story to give you an idea of what I mean when I say  I understand , not everything ,because each of our journey's are unique but enough to know it what it takes to get down that road.

  I hope that if you choose to let me help you along your journey , now you know why I care so much about the outcome and why health and fitness and maintaining your health for whatever waits down the road is my absolute passion.